Graduate School Entrance Exams

Please click here here for details about the entrance exams for 2014 admission to the Advanced Chemistry Departments of the Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering.


Thirty-five students are admitted to the Master's program after passing the entrance examination. Students who wish to be admitted to the Doctoral program must pass the qualifying examination in the Department. The Department offers advanced courses in energy chemistry, hydrocarbon chemistry, catalyst science, electrochemistry, radiation chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and other related areas. Students may choose courses in other departments in the Graduate School of Engineering. In addition, students are required to undertake their graduation research work at one of the sub-departments in the department or one of the associated research sections in Institute for Chemical Research, Research Reactor Institute, and Innovative Collaboration Center. The following courses are offered in the department.

Required Subjects:

Experiments and Exercises in Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Adv. (8)

Elective Subjects:

◆Energy Conversion Reactions (2)

◆Green and Sustainable Chemistry (2)

Chemical Conversion of Carbon Resources (2)

Electrochemistry, Adv. (2)

Theoretical Organic Chemistry (2)

Excited-State Hydrocarbon Chemistry (2)

Chemistry of Organometallic Complexes (2)

Catalysis in Organic Reactions (2)

Functional Solution Chemistry (2)

Structural Organic Chemistry (2)

Chemical Transformations (2)

Radiochemistry, Adv. (2)

Design of Solid Catalysts (2)

○Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Adv. I・II・III・IV (1 each)

Introduction to High Technology Material Science (2)

New Engineering Materials, Adv. (2)

◆Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry Special Seminar, 1・2・3 (2 each)

(◆Subjects for the Doctoral program. ○Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Adv. I, II and III, IV are offered in alternate years.)


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